Website Design Survival Guide

Website Design Survival Guide

A special edition of free illustrations, created to celebrate and share the story and launch of our website.

Website Design Survival Guide or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bugs

Creating a website is a complex, challenging and, above all, time-consuming process. Unsurprisingly, when we made ours, we went down a long road of failure, success, more failure, sudden stops, seemingly a million reviews, countless bugs and a ton of other obstacles and issues.

Sometimes we’d come up with a strong solution without much thought. Other times, we were forced to buckle down and painstakingly come up with something from scratch. But in the end we did it. We survived. This is our story.


The Idea

Our idea was born a difficult, restless child. It took some serious effort and a ton of coffee to distill our thoughts into an something meaningful. Then it took some serious nerves to finally decide the time had come — that’s it, we’re doing it.



But an idea itself isn’t enough, it was time for action. And while developing the visual identity, we often felt like our eyes were bleeding out.


The Search for a Platform

We tried several options. Some worked better than others. But in the end we needed something flexible and convenient that would suit us specifically, so we decided to make our own platform.


The Developers

We had a very high standard in terms of quality, so coming up with a strong yet usable result left us and the developers feeling like our brains were melting in a cauldron.


Shocking Mistakes

And even when something seemed practically perfect, when it was ready and working, a totally random, unexplainable error would pop up. Or something broke down. It was frustrating and felt almost strangelovian. We felt like we were being electroshocked.


Don’t Bug Me

And there were lots of bugs. Too many to count. It felt like they were crawling out from everywhere. We could almost feel them on our skin. We think we managed to catch them all, but if you see one scurrying around, let us know.


We did it!

But finally we finished. We made something we’re proud of. And to celebrate, we’re giving away all of the illustrations used in this story. For free. So go ahead and pick up your free icons from our site. And don’t forget to say thanks. ;)

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