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Futuro Line Icons

Our bestseller of 1000 top-­notch icons, based on a 64x64 pixel perfect grid, ready to make your project look more exciting than most!

@ Positioner

“Great work. I especially like the way you've combined multiple thoughts into single icon representations. Very impressed :)”

Monoflat Infographics Icons

An eye-catching set of 480 detailed vector images ready to bring well-deserved attention to virtually any project or product.

@ Joanne Taylor

"If you were a chef, you'd be the sushi King.
Everything coming out of your kitchen is distilled delicious"

Linero Templates

An awesome pack of ready-for-action graphic solutions which include illustrations and icons,
assembled in premade one page website design templates.

@ Tony Craig

“Love this every time I see it”

Linero Icons Collection

A thoroughly handcrafted library of pixel perfect visual metaphors.
The collection includes more than 700 concept-based icons and mini-illustrations.

@ Marianne Cothern

“Holy cow. These are amazing. So artfully designed and well made. Just purchased and already in love. Perfect for current project but going to be tempted to use them in everything going forward.
So great. Nice work.”

Flatty Icons Collection

A unique collection of more than 300+ pixel perfect icon-illustrations, created in simple and trendy flat design style.

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